5 Clever Decorative Ideas For A Small Living Room

A living room is the centre of your home. You use it to see your friends/relatives/guests, entertain yourself, spend some time with all your family members. So, you take all the possible steps to make it look attractive, comfortable, and stylish. Your choices shrink if your living room is small. However, you can come across numerous decorative ideas for small living room that can help you a lot. Here are some useful ideas for your small living room: 

1. Make a wall open 

You know your living room is small. However, you can make it look bigger and spacious and have a dramatic feel inside it. And for this, you can make a wall behind the sofa open by hanging a decorative mirror from it. With this, you can make your hallway visible and the room filled with natural light. It will happen, as the hung mirror will reflect the light coming from the outside and objects in its range. The idea will work better if you feel that your front room is dark or has a lack of natural daylight.

2. Be highly careful in your sofa selection and placement 

Usually, people buy a sofa set and allied furniture pieces of their own choice. Some of them neglect the space they have in their living room and value their choice more. However, you should avoid doing this, especially when you have a small living room. As far as possible, choose a neutral sofa with long legs. It will help you lighten the space and make it virtually bigger. Further, throw pillows and cushions should be of bold patterns and shades.  

3. Hang curtains from the ceiling to the floor 

In general, people hang curtains on doors and windows from a natural height that is up to the upper part of a door or window. While decorating your small living room, you should do what can make it look spacious and larger. And in this regard, you should hang curtains of light to moderate shades from the ceiling of the room to the floor. It will make your home visitors raise their eyes and look around your living room.  

4. Opt for in-built for maximum things 

In your living room, you need a space for storage. Installing an external almirah, cupboard, or TV unit can take extra space in your living room. You can save the space here and make your living room spacious and bigger with having almost everything in-built. Whether you need a shelf, cupboard, or almirah, go for the smart one or get it in-built (you can do it at the time of constructing your home or restructuring your living room). You can opt for a bench with a storage space or a coffee table with  an open space to make your living room look spacious.   

5. Choose hanging planters to have plants

In today’s world, people are very conscious about in-door air and want to have a closeness to nature. However, they don’t fulfil their wish of having a garden or clean and pure air at home due to space issues. You can do it if you are on the same issue. And for this, you can buy hanging planters, plant in-house plants in a few earthen/plastic/metal pots, and hang the potted plants with planters from the walls and ceiling of your living room.   

Take away 

There are a lot of ideas to adorn a small living room. In decorating your living space, you can follow the steps mentioned in the post and explore and implement the one that could be helpful for you.