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Home is the favourite place for everyone. It is beautiful and peaceful. However, you can make your home full of positive energy and vibrance to make it an even better living space by following a few fundamental Vastu guidelines. If you plan to build your house, build it according to Vastu. 

Do not worry if you do not know anything about Vastu. Just call a reliable vastu consultant for home like us, and we will take it from there.


You should always consult a Vastu consultant even after building a home that your architect has promised to be Vastu compliant. There may be a lot of negative energies in it that need to be eliminated, and lifestyle and architectural flows. 

Design Considerations Suggested by Vastu Consultant for Home  

If you have a plan to build here home soon, then there are a few specific design considerations to follow. Type house vastu consultant near me in Google and get in touch with the best one to start with.

Gateway or entrance:

Follow these tips to harness positive energy in the gateway:

  • The door of the entrance or gateway, preferably made of teakwood, should be bigger than all the other doors in your house. 
  • Good energy prevails in bright places, and therefore the area around the gateway should not be left dark.
  • The main door should open inward without making any uncanny and creaky sound. 

Also, keep shoes, garbage, and similar things out of sight.

Drawing Room:

The interior design of your drawing room should be as follows:

  • The colour of the walls should be blue, beige, yellow or green. These colours will make the space more vibrant and livelier.
  • If you want to place an aquarium in the living room, place it on the East or North wall. This will bring prosperity.

A vastu consultant for residential homes may also suggest putting up a picture of the sunrise on the South wall.


When you consult a vastu expert for home, particular emphasis will be given to the kitchen design. It will ensure your family, and you have a healthier life.

Ensure the following things are considered in the design:

  • There must be an adequate distance between the gas stove and the water sink.
  • The kitchen should not face or share a common wall with the washroom. 

As for the placement of appliances in your kitchen, make sure the fridge is placed in the southwest corner.


Here is the place to rest, relax, and find absolute peace. Therefore, everything here should be pleasant and soothing.

The design of the bedroom should be as follows:

  • The primary bedroom must be in the southwest corner.
  • There must not be any beams overhanging. This is not good for health.

Also, never sleep on beds made of light and hollow wrought iron. Beds should be made of solid wood. And ensure your head should not be in the North while sleeping.

Study Room or Office:

Consult with a vastu consultant for office to design a Vastu-compliant office or study room to ensure better concentration. It may not be a separate room, but it should ideally have the following:

  • A rectangular or square table in the East, West, or northeast direction
  • No blank wall or window at the front of the table and 
  • No hanging bookshelves.


Vastu today is an essential aspect of architectural design. Whether it is a residential building of any individual or a large public architecture, people call for a Vastu expert. It is believed that it helps in ensuring peace and tranquillity in their homes.  


What is the meaning and fundamental rule of Vastu?

In Sanskrit, Vastu means a house along with a land corresponding to it. The basic principles followed in Vastu are the shape and fundamentals of a room, the centre of the home, water, stairs, furniture, and more.

What are the main directions of Vastu?

East, West, North, and South are the four principal or cardinal directions of Vastu. The four sub-directions or ordinal directions of Vastu are northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest.

Are there any major types of Vastu Shastra?

Yes, there are three main types of Vastu Shastra, namely, chikitsa, srishti, and vardhamana. Each type involves several elements and aspects, such as lifestyle, environmental energy, and more.

Call us any time, and we will happily make your home a beautiful and peaceful living space.