Structure Consultants

Structure Consultants In Noida

As it is in civil engineering, the primary objective of structural consultants involves the different activities related to construction projects. It can be any type of architecture, right, from buildings to bridges and from dams to highways.

The professional structural consultants in noida have all the required skills and expertise to fulfill their responsibilities. The skill set is, however, not limited to construction only but also all allied services necessary to make a project a success. It includes:

  • Analytical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Drawing and designing, and much more.

Here are some of the responsibilities that a structural consultant is entrusted with.


Engineering Skills of Structural Consultants in Noida

Since it is all about construction and architecture, the primary job responsibility of the structural consultant or the Structural Design Consultancy firm, like Kypa Infrastructure, relates to engineering.  

Our experts use their technical knowledge in the best which to allow work on different projects. We use our skills to specify the use and utility of different construction materials to be used for a specific structure. 

We consider the shape and other geometries of the design along with other essential parameters to ensure the strength of the structure is enough to withstand the pressure. All our structural designs can endure high gravity loads, severe storms, and violent earthquakes.

Structure Drawing

Another valuable aspect of the jobs done by structural engineers is the structure drawing of building. 

As the best structural consultants and engineers, we are the ones who design the structure or skeleton of an architecture, making sure that it will be able to sustain the load of the additional elements put on it. 

We apply different laws of physics and math, coupled with our civil engineering skills and empirical knowledge.

At Kypa Infrastructure, we feel that we are the ones responsible for ensuring the safety of the people who use the structure, our workers working on it during its making, and also for the environment.

Structure Stability Certificate

Ensuring structural stability is our forte, and we make it a point that our creations do not have any issues when the authorities inspect them and its plan. 

We guarantee the strength and high level of endurance of our structures against any natural or man-made elements so that it easily gets the structure stability certificate.

It is all about our hard work, dedication, commitment, and, of course, our unique skill set.

Conducting Survey

Conducting a thorough and careful survey is one of our specialties and responsibilities. We feel it is the foundation of any structure or structural design. Unless the foundation is strong, no building, no matter how small or big it is, can stand the test of time. 

We cover every minute aspect, from soil testing to surrounding structures, from water bodies to all other elements.  

Value Estimation

We also ensure that our clients get the best value for their money. We know investing in a building involves a lot of money, and therefore we try to make sure that they get the best design, structure, and utility from the building we create.

We consider every project as our baby and nurture it well to face the world with unparalleled strength and confidence! 


Structural consultants play a significant role in the field of architecture, being involved in it directly or indirectly. People usually rely on them and their expertise heavily to get an image of the type of architecture and design they have in mind. 

They can even help them imagine how their dream project will shape and eventually look. Therefore, building a structure is almost impossible without the engineering expertise of structural consultants.    


What is meant by a structural consultant?

A structural consultant is mainly involved with designing the structural aspects and activities of the entire project, working on behalf of the client or employer, usually in an office taken by the architect.

Are there any social responsibilities of structural consultants?

Yes, structural consultants do have some social responsibilities in addition to occupational duties. It includes ensuring the safety of the people using the structure and protecting the environment.

Who can be a structural consultant?

A Bachelor in Civil Engineering can become a structural consultant along with an additional specialization in structural engineering. 

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