Reasons People Fall For A Classical House Design

Building a house is building a dream, and dreams can be unique. People have a distinct affinity to fall for a luxury classic house design, over and above a host of other building concepts to consider.

A classical house design is something that you and others will admire. Some of the most significant reasons people love a luxury classic house design are:

  • The characteristic elegance
  • Luxury feeling and atmosphere
  • Decorative and intricate details
  • Unique interior design elements and
  • Fine materials. 

According to several architects in noida, classical home design is quite popular in India. People often ask them to give shape to unique designs inspired by some of the best classical homes and buildings across the world.

Ideally, a luxury classic house design is the epitome of all of the following:

  • Class
  • Aesthetics and 
  • Authenticity.

These aspects are universal and undeniable. 

So, if you want to build a classic home with a timeless design that speaks about aura and charm, you are not the only one out there.

The Unique and Appealing Characteristics of a Luxury Classic House Design 

A luxury classic house design has some distinct characteristics that separate it from the rest. 

Typically, classical architecture uses different concepts and roll them into one. A few of these concepts are:

  • Intellect
  • Boldness
  • Humility and 
  • Values.

All these define a luxury classic house design

However, there are other elements that define the characteristics of a luxury classic house design, which attracts people towards it. 

The entire design is precise, symmetrical, and proportionate. The doors, windows, and others are evenly spaced out to create a fantastic visual appeal. 

The widows are usually double-hung and rectangular. The door is placed right at the centre of the house.

The placements of columns are also unique and done by the architects in noida in a specific order and style. It can resemble Iconic, Doric, or Corinthian Greek architecture or the Composite and Tuscan architecture of the Romans.

There is also a front porch included in the classical house design. Built on a distinct basement, these full-height front porches add to the classic feel and aesthetics of the building. 

Usually, classical homes are built with durable and superior building materials, and therefore, they last for decades, if not centuries. Typically, architects in noida use concrete, marble, and brick to make these houses.

People usually fall for boxed eaves, dentil moulding, average-pitched roofs, decorative surrounds in the doors and windows, broken pediments at the entry, and a lot more design elements. And there are the classical motifs that add to the beauty.

Ideally, there is a focal point for all classical homes, opine the architects in noida. Every aspect of the building reflects art and personality together. From the intimate and warm lighting to the soft colours and unique and welcoming accessories and furniture, everything in the house has a purpose.

Get it Built by the Pro 

With such precision and complexities in the designing of a classical house, it is needless to say that not any or every architect will be able to design and build such a house. You will need professionals and the best architects in noida to fulfil your dream just as you want.

We at Kypa Infrastructure ensure just that. We are not just ordinary architects. We enjoy designing, and every member of our expert core team considers it as their hobby. 

We have built some of the best homes in and around Noida, which is our passion. From designing your classical home to the interiors, we will cover everything with unmatched excellence. 


Building a classical home is a worthy investment because it will offer a lot of value, both in the material and immaterial senses. It adds beauty and reflects the style and personality of the dweller. 

In addition, the durability factor and distinctiveness of it within the neighbourhood make people fall for a luxury design while building a classical home for themselves.  

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